The Real-time viewing of neglected calls, voice recordings, lead management, customer visits, stalled sales, lost sales or a trend showing the sales team spending less time selling over multiple periods can trigger action increasing team output. Sales cycle processes, account activities, sale opportunities, sale strategies, competitive intelligence, quota performance, sales conversion rates and other key performance indicators are typically displayed as online dashboards, pre-configured queries and reports which offer flexible sorting, filtering and drill-down to source transactions.

The automated real time reporting tools over Mobile/Web apps so that team leaders & top management are always updated about the key happenings in their respective teams, even when they are away from office. The simplified User Interface makes the reports more user friendly. We have tools that architect to support the collection of consumer data and the use of that data to enable & enhance sales & service opportunities. The report helps department heads to evaluate performance of team & predict growth for coming quarters. Analysis is done automatically and reports are given as results saving time and also dramatically decreasing errors making it easy for sales presentations.