Kings Labs provides real 360 degree customer relationship management to its client base. When we say 360 degree it includes -

  Business telephony: Mobile, landline or toll free numbers are converted to hotline numbers which are busy free. All customer enquiries get answered, all calls are voice recorded and every interaction will have an automated id generated by itself. Miss Call list is generated & passed on to back end teams to make follow up calls. When customer are not made to wait & served faster than competition they become happy.

  Email Automation: Similar to calls emails, third party & website enquiries are also automated, so follow up’s happen on time & clients get more happy to receive proper communication on time every time.

  Acknowledgement & Notifications: The moment customer contacts a sales contact the customer gets an acknowledgement message thanking his interest & giving him confidence that he will be well taken care. Reminders as SMS & mailers can be configured and send to customers reminding them about follow up / visit dates, offers/deals, booking confirmation, payment reminder, etc.

  In build ticketing system: Kings Labs comes with an in build ticketing system for customers to raise a flag against any faulty service provided. This will be escalated to higher management if not resolved on time, this will ensure unhappy customers are serviced before they create any kind of chaos for management. Complete customer history with voice recording helps management to identify the real reason behind unhappy customers & sort it out on time, making both management & customers happy.

  Escalation Matrix: Unattended customer enquiries get the attention of higher management, that’s the speciality of escalation matrix. Miss calls, un-attended emails, overdue follow up’s, un assigned leads etc gets assigned to higher management for verification & re-assignment. This ensure that serious buyers are proactively responded by team else the issue will be escalated automatically by system.

  Customer satisfaction survey: Kings Labs designs tools for clients to conduct surveys & get customer feed backs, this helps management to give better service to customers in future & for customers to give feedbacks in their minds.

  Referral Bonus: Kings Labs promotes referral bonus among client customers, so once they are happy with client service they are contacted for references & are well rewarded with loyalty programs & incentives.

  Enterprise CRM: Kings Labs uses advance process & technologies in its enterprise CRM that enable customer retention & increase in experience satisfaction. Kings Labs takes the customer experience curve up ensuring interested clients are serviced better than any competition & all contacted clients are saved to customer database for future campaigns & associations. Kings Labs value every customer contact, so we ensure customers are updated about the latest events, campaigns, deals & offers that they never miss the best. The integration of different modules based on client preference enhances & influence the customer buying behaviour & help clients to understand customer behavioural patterns. This helps our clients to customise & tailor make solutions keeping in mind the buying patterns of existing customers.

  Reporting tools & Advanced Analytics: Although reports & analytics help management for decision making, the decisions taken after going through reports impact customers, our tools give management true insights of events happening at customer & sales front, it helps the experienced brains to come up with new ideas to serve customers better to increase turnover. The customer demographics, pattern analysis, buying trends, media preference etc are captured based on client requirements. These details ensure a better service/products get shaped & quality control happens on time.

Some advantages & benefits of improving customer services:

  Increased personalized service or one to one service.
  Responsive to customer’s needs.
  Customer segmentation.
  Improve customization of marketing.
  Multi channel integration.
  Time saving.
  Market Research.
  Improve customer knowledge.
  Stay ahead of market & competition.
  Better brand name, loyalty & references.