Kings Labs has digitalised our client telephony by developing many high value tools that can improve & transform the Business Communication of our clients. The telephony solution can automatically capture incoming & outgoing communications from various channels.

The voice & contact number of customer gets recorded automatically. Date & time stamp gets entered to customer history. Customer gets tagged to the sales/service representative so repeated communication will be between same people this is also tracked automatically. Acknowledgement messages are sent to customers as sms or emails. Representatives don’t have to enter customer contact number as it is already captured just need to update status & next action items then reminder pops up for representatives on follow up dates. Now no more daily reports need to be sent by reps as real time reports are available for management on mobile screens anytime, anywhere they want.

Our central switching system for phone calls within a business can handle internal traffic between stations and act as the gatekeeper to the outside world. Our solutions are future-proof, unlike the traditional phone systems that are generally outdated. Based on customer feedback & user experience our solutions adds significant improvements each year as new features which are given free of cost for existing customers as upgrades.