About Kings Labs for ideas & growth

Our entities Kings Labs Innovations Pvt. Ltd. and Kings Labs Technologies work with an objective of making world a better place to live with the use of ideas & technology. Our designs are envisioned to set new trends in the market. We are not here to sell a product or service but to work closely with our clients, understand their needs, fulfil them with our solutions that will enable them to take on their competition to much higher level. We are here to define new standards, alter perceptions and bring in change for the benefit of everyone. We make work fun like how we love what we do.

Our years of experience has taught us that there is no magic potion or silver bullet for improving financial performance. It can only be achieved by leveraging The Best Practices Tested Processes Innovative Technology

Our dedicated account managers/service engineers works round the clock with our premium clients to familiarize them to new ideas/practices in using technology & gadgets in the field of Information, Communication & Management. We work to solve problems & we are experts in building future enterprises with innovation in technology as key to growth. We are most thankful to all our clients who have given us an opportunity to serve & grow with them. We always welcome new members to our network as clients & partners to experience our services which will differentiate them with rest of the world. To know more, write to us at sales@kingslabs.com .

Our Story

After more than two decades of cumulative consulting careers of our founders across Asian, European & American markets, they identified several gaps in the industry which has no existing viable solutions available in the market. This instigated a spark in them to start Kings Labs. Our founders believe in giving the right ideas along with the right technology to fasten client growth cycles. 

The birth of the organization was also majorly due to our habit of critically analysing the tiniest details of every methodology we could get our hands on. We have carried this method based approach forward in our style of working. We love to discuss a client’s problems in detail as we love providing the right solutions on or before time. Our consultants & developers like to deal with the precision of a neurosurgeon in our labs, we make sure that our efforts bring you the best possible results. 

We love having those cups of teas and having those lengthy discussions on anything that can make a difference to our client productivity & that can improve profitability - from the ambient automation tactics used by the big retailer to the brilliant media campaign run by the real estate giant. Do Call us over phone, or fix an appointment for a meeting, drop in to have a chat or just connect with us on any of our social media accounts, we are eager to listen to you.